Manufacturing Tender

Bourne Boat Builders Ltd are looking to grow the business by both new build manufacturing floor space and refurbishing of some of the current premises. A small proportion of the costs associated with these modifications are being supported with European Regional Development Funding.

The following building works are to be completed:

To build circa 1,200 sq. ft. of new factory floor space. A two skin structure built of steel frame and clad construction. Internal finish will be studded wall, with commercial flooring and in keeping with the existing factor. All dimension, and build specifications to accompanied drawstrings.

The drawings supplied as part of this specification are solely to indicate the limits of the project and to show approximate floor areas. Any areas or dimensions that have an impact on costing should be measured by the contractor during a site visit. The contractor must attend site and undertake a complete survey prior to submitting a price for execution of the works as specified.

European Regional Development Fund